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People Civil Rights

According to O.N.U. everybody has got fundamental , physical (as water, food, clothes, roof…)and psychological needs ( as creativity, self-expression,friendship, learning ). These are indispensable for our welfare,so racism, violence, discrimination, exclusion and distress become the keywords for Pink Project fight campaigns 

“ I disapprove that you say, but I defend to the death your right to tell it” (François-Marie de Voltaire).

Human rights are natural because all people in the world need it from birth, they are universal because the same everywhere, without any sex, religion, race, culture or opinions distinction. All people were born equal and free. Human rights are indivisible and inalienable.

Universal Declaration for Human Rights (1948) and Italian Republic  Establishment  are based on equality for all citizens.

These principles are the heart of the civil rights.