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Pink Project APS ETS was born in Capo d'Orlando on 13 February 2008 and has operated continuously since its establishment, in collaboration with public bodies and private entities. It is a women's association whose main objective is to carry out political and social activities in the field of preventing and combating gender violence and male violence against women. Convinced that discrimination and prejudice against women are fuel for the bloodiest violence, they have specialized training and expertise on gender violence, in order to contain and eradicate it.

the objective of highlighting, knowing, fighting, preventing and overcoming gender violence. From the beginning, the Association has been clear that discrimination, marginalization and oppression towards women are a widespread, serious, complex social phenomenon, which only specific skills can combat effectively.

The organization acts by putting the person, the woman, in her totality, her history, her needs, her difficulties, her abilities and her experience at the centre.

All actions were implemented by enhancing network work and the sharing of resources, ideas and skills with public and private actors and institutions, in order to create shared processes and programs, centered on the context/problem of intervention, effective , replicable and sustainable, also guaranteeing the development and dissemination of good practices.

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