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Institutional Networks

Pink Project APS ETS (April 2016) adheres to the "Inter-institutional Memorandum of Understanding for the prevention and combating of gender violence" "promoted by CEDAV Onlus and the Prefecture of Messina of which they are part, CeDAV Onlus-Centro Donne Antiviolenza of Messina , Municipality of Messina, Prefecture of Messina, Court of Messina, Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Messina, Juvenile Court of Messina, Public Prosecutor's Office at the Juvenile Court, U.S.M.M. Social Service Office for Minors, Emergency Department of the "G Martino" University Hospital of Messina, Emergency Department of the Ospedali Riuniti Papardo/Piemonte Hospital of Messina, ASP 5 of Messina, family counseling centers of the city of Messina, Provincial Education Office, Council of the Bar Association of Messina, University of Messina, Equality Councilor of the province of Messina. As part of the Protocol, the Pink Project APS ETS Association undertakes, for the territory in which its activity intervenes directly and transversally (main impact Social and Health Districts D29, D30 and D31 Messina) to:

  • Carry out information, orientation, listening, consultancy, support and taking charge activities through professional team and individual interventions, aimed at Italian and foreign women and their minor sons and daughters who experience situations of abuse, mistreatment and intra- and extra-family violence , physical, psychological, economic and sexual, stalking;
  • Promote, support and implement training and awareness-raising courses on the topic of violence against women, also in collaboration with the other signatories of the protocol, aimed at preparing operators who in the various local agencies come into contact with women and minors who are victims of violence; b) prevention, training and orientation paths aimed at students and teaching staff of schools of all levels in order to provide critical and practical tools for approaching the topic;
  • Promote and implement prevention, information and awareness-raising activities relating to the phenomenon in question, aimed at citizens and public opinion (seminars, conferences, targeted interventions, etc.);
  • Provide for the collection, processing and dissemination of data regarding the phenomenon of violence against women, also in collaboration with the local and provincial network, in compliance with official secrecy and the provisions on the protection of privacy;
  • Act in a network with other social actors and strengthen collaborations and the exchange of good practices, liaising operationally with other accredited anti-violence centres, with the local, regional, national anti-violence network and with all the subjects who can guarantee civil protection and safety through the stipulation of specific cooperation and collaboration agreements;
  • Identify and appoint the contact person for the execution of the protocol;
  • Bring together your network of relationships, which involves public and private social bodies, in this protocol, which can support activities to prevent and combat gender violence and give added value to the integrated approach to problems related to violence against women and on minors;
  • The association, in coordinating the actions between the interested parties, in the area of ​​impact of its action (Tyrrhenian-Nebroidea): provides for the convening of technical tables according to the indicated time intervals and/or bringing together the network, if deemed necessary by the itself or from other nodes of the network; Provides for the collection of needs and proposals coming from the Territorial Network or its individual components, collaborating in the identification of the tools and channels useful for realizing them; promotes the social role and activities of the Network in the appropriate institutional settings; collaborates with Network partners in order to promote and organize training courses and/or seminars, prevention and awareness actions; searches for the resources necessary for the development of the activities covered by the protocol through requests for funding, participation in tenders/notices, etc.; promotes information and awareness-raising actions on the issue of preventing and combating gender violence; promotes the possible expansion of this Protocol, through the integration of the same with other actions and/or other bodies that wish, in the future, to join, maintaining always an active discussion with the signatories; supports the protocol, as contained therein.

Said agreement, now renamed GENERAL INTERINSTITUTIONAL PROTOCOL OF UNDERSTANDING FOR THE PREVENTION AND CONTRAST OF GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE IN THE CITY OF MESSINA, extended to the entire provincial territory, promoted by the Prefecture of Messina, was renewed at the request of the Prefect Dr. Maria Carmela Librizzi dated 26 November 2018. Signatories: Regional Department of Family, Social Policies and Labor, Regional Department of Health, Prefecture of Messina, Metropolitan City of Messina, Municipality of Messina, Court of Appeal, General Prosecutor's Office c/ o Court of Appeal, Public Prosecutor's Office c/o the Court of Messina, Court of Messina, Public Prosecutor's Office c/o the Juvenile Court, Juvenile Court, Surveillance Court, Court of Barcellona P.G., Public Prosecutor's Office c /o the Court of Barcellona P.G., Court of Patti, Public Prosecutor's Office c/o the Court of Patti, U.S.S.M., University of Messina, Regional School Office for Sicily - Office VIII - Territorial Area of ​​Messina, ASP 5 of Messina , Emergency room of the University Hospital Policlinico “G. Martino" of Messina, Emergency room of the Papardo Hospital of Messina, Emergency room of the IRCCS Bonino Hospital - Pulejo Piedmont Hospital of Messina, Italian Red Cross, INPS, Territorial Labor Directorate, Employment Centre, Pink Project Anti-Violence Centre, CeDAV Onlus, Refuge House and Help Desk “Cirs” Onlus – Messina, Anti-violence Center “Evaluna” Onlus – Gaggi, Anti-violence Association “Penelope” – Giardini Naxos, Anti-violence Center “Una di Noi” Onlus – Villafranca Tirrena, Association “La Clessidra” – Anti-Violence Center No to Silence - San Piero Patti, Anti-Violence Center “Frida Kahlo” Onlus – Barcellona P.G., Anti-Violence Association “L'Altra mezzo” Onlus – Taormina, Anti-Violence Center “Al tua flank” – Roccalumera, Help Desk - Associazione CO .TU.LE.VI - Trapani, Provincial Equality Councilor, C.I.F. and Social Solidarity Associations, Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Messina, Order of Lawyers of Messina, Order of Journalists.